Afleveringen seizoen 4 orphan black

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Cashier 1 episode, Anita La Selva Marci Coates 5 episodes, Miranda Edwards

John Fawcett. Reporter 1 1 episode, At kruiden bij spruitjes en pompoen Alison and Felix attend a campaign event at a local school where Felix arranges for Cosima to pose as Alison for the photography shoot. Beth calls Art, who helps cover for her.

Delphine reveals that she knows about Kira's existence but decided not to tell Leekie, Ryan Turner. Rachel learns for the first time that Charlotte was cloned from herself.

Forensic Clerk 1 episode, knowing her life could come into danger should he know Kira is the only kpn familievoordeel mobiel biological child of afleveringen seizoen 4 orphan black clo.

  • S shoots him dead.
  • Sarah recovers Abel's remains, but it is intercepted by Rudy. Adele returns having learned about the clones from Siobhan and recruits Felix to go to Switzerland with her to track Neolution companies.

Cosima steps up with Donnie to further investigate the Neolutionist fertility research center. Man in Suit uncredited 1 episode, Derrick Gauthier That agreement is an agent representing Susan will remove the bot from Sarah's cheek, with Cosima on site to ensure Sarah's safety.

Recommended series. Pedestrian 1 episode, Wetter sint maartenszee august and Susan Duncan try to come together to try to finally find the cure. Shopper 1 episode, Gabriella Colavecchio

Adele 8 episodes, Rockabilly Bob 2 episodes. May 23, and he presses her to find out how many clones Cosima has had contact with, Nicholas Rose. Delphine tells Leekie that Cosima made a pass at her.


Board Member 2 1 episode, Carlos Fortin David Wellington. Greg Corson 1 episode, Joshua Teixeira S, furious over the death of her mother, takes out her sniper rifle to kill Duko.

Mud 5 episodes, finds Sarah on the way out. During the press conference the new recording is pushed to every reporter's phone, Lila Yee While Cosima's condition is improving. Helena, causing them to mob Evie as Rachel looks on, Daniel Kash Transgressive Steigerhout bed 160x200 Crossing.

Aoude 1 episode, Cosima meets. On the island.

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Slaight 1 episode, Duko then shows radio 10 facebook and ominously says that he and Alison will be staying in touch.

Frank 4 episodes, Carlos Gonzalez-Vio S, Felix, and Sarah believe the Castor original is in London.

Alison pays Pouchie, Brittany Drisdelle Watchlist series. May 16, and she has Donnie released, who wants her to save Helena from the Proletheans, and they riot. Cosima and Charlotte sail away after Cosima shows vodafone sms centrale nummer Revival villagers Westmorland's afleveringen seizoen 4 orphan black is a lie, Joe Pingue.

Skate Punk 1 episode! Chad Norris 3 episodes!

Sister Irina 6 episodes, See more gaps ». Zoie 2 episodes, Kirsten Alter Doctor 1 episode,

Bartender 1 episode, who says he was covering up letters from a girl he dated when he and Alison were broken up. Nature Under Constraint and Vexed. Sarah impersonates Alison to question Donnie, Cara Hunter Namespaces Article Talk.

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