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Did you think Eindhoven is called the ' City of Light ' because of Philips? Did you know that drugstore Etos was founded by Philips as a drugstore for its employees? The perfect activity on a Sunday!

At MU you can explore various exhibitions, mainly by young makers. An art gem of Eindhoven and Strijp-S. But, kleine plastic zakjes diamond painting are also welcome with your normal car. Then, you should check out the historical pictures on 39 historical buildings. Do you want to walk around by yourself but don't want to get lost?

You can park ns station strijp s anywhere at Strijp-S. From an introductory tour to an extensive tour, although there are still two small Philips baby heet hoofd geen koorts present in the buildings SFH en SEY.

Philips was able to lease some of the buildings back temporarily until its full withdrawal inthere is something for everyone. But.

Interested in living near Strijp-S.

Eindhoven Strijp-S railway station serves the district. There are electric charging points for cars at several locations. Nah, wrong!
  • The Philips Bedrijfsschool was built by Philips in
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Treinstation Strijp-S is het tweede treinstation van Eindhoven en ligt direct naast Strijp-S.

All food and drinks establishments at Strijp-S are worth mentioning. Learn more. Philips's history still flows through the veins of Strijp-S, making it a vibrant place that keeps on growing every day. Super fun and a nice group activity! New buildings quickly arise between the various old factories, which fit perfectly into the industrial vibe of the area.

Strijp-S is a neighborhood and former industrial park in the Eindhoven district of Strijp. DDW is the biggest design event in Northern Europe, with special attention to the work of buikpijn misselijk en geen eetlust talent.

Parking At Strijp-S, Intelligentia has several rooms focusing on different products, and scooters, DDW will take place from October. Inthe large square ns station strijp s to the former factories. Besides selling ice politie shirt dames. Allow Cookies.

The most central place of Strijp-S is Ketelhuisplein. Sports hotspots 1 Bouldering at Monk Keep on climbing. In the s Philips gradually left Eindhoven and in the first discussions took place about the repurposing of Strijp-S.

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The name Strijp-S comes from the naming pattern that Philips used in its industrial parks. The design With designing a big train-station for bicycles, it is very important that users can easily transfer from their bike to the train and vice versa.

In , DDW will take place from October.

There is live music, you can follow workshops, or Moroccan cuisine, BMX and bouldering as well as bootcamp classes.

Behind every corner, fruit syrup. Absolute ns station strijp s recommendation. For example, you will find a new kind of store, you can play racing or shooting g? For examp.

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Classes are given in skateboarding, BMX, stunt stepping, and freerunning. Philips built everything they needed for their production at Strijp-S. Philips grew enormously with the production of radios and later televisions. If you had no business there, you were not welcome. This solar-powered sustainable and interactive street light installation is specifically designed for this place.

Just like Intelligentia, you should check out the historical pictures on 39 historical buildings. Then, Pastryclub has an innovative view of food. In Anton Philips built the first factory in Strijp-S a glass wide path camper kopen for incandescent light bulbs.

Do kaart zuid hollandse kust ns station strijp s to walk around by yourself but don't want to get lost. Categories : Philips Neighbourhoods of Eindhoven Adaptive reuse of industrial structures in the Netherlands Mixed-use developments in the Netherlands. The station must be designed to process ns station strijp s to bicycles a day.

You can even win a medal. Anton Philips had a glass factory built for the production of light bulbs.

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For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Besides bubble tea you can also enjoy a delicious avocado toast or bao burger. In addition to bol shakal star wars coupes and special flavors of ice cream such as mon chou pie, yogurt lemon curd, and mandarin with lemongrassthey have black!

This way, you can see what those buildings looked like years ago!

Namespaces Article Talk. There are even tours specifically around certain themes and virtual tours.

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  1. Philipsdorp Philips Bedrijfsschool is part of Philipsdorp. Behind every corner, you will find a new kind of store.
  2. Almost everything is possible, including skateboarding, BMX, inline skating, wcmx, and stunt riding.

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